Mailbox Specifications and Contact Info
  • For address lettering, contact Communigraphics, 1400 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta, SC (Phone 803-278-7217). Communigraphics has The River Club mailbox template and can print lettering when you provide them your address. Cost is $25 for a set of two address stickers. 

  • Black mailboxes and posts can be purchased at Lowes. (Specs for mailbox 11.7" x 15" Metal Black)

  • Contact to repair decorative iron below mailbox: ​​

    • Oscar Cabrera - 706-877-4268 (mobile welder)

    • Kevin Childs - 706-832-0085 (Zac welding)

    • A-1 Ironwork's - 706-832-5985 ($75 for decorative piece below mailbox) 

    • Keith Cave - 706-724-3840


Contacts above can change without notice. If you have issues with the contacts listed above, please send an e-mail to the HOA or contact a Board Member