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The River Club – North Augusta

(Secret Facebook Page)

ABOUT Statement:

The River Club - North Augusta Secret Facebook page is only for The River Club, North Augusta Home Owners to post private comments, photos and videos. Only members of the page can search for, view and post. Secret Facebook pages do not have the “sharing” option. All member requests will be vetted through the Administrator; only River Club Homeowners are allowed. The FB page will be used as a communication tool to ONLY discuss issues related to our neighborhood. Please keep comments respectful; vulgar language is not allowed. Suggestions, Comments or Questions, email .


  • There are 2 ways to join: 

  1. A current member makes a nomination, and the administrator will get a notification.

  2. Or, send an e-mail to requesting access.

In both instances, the name will be vetted using the River Club Directory. If person is in the Directory, the nomination will be accepted. If not in the Directory, the FB administrator will attempt to obtain more information.


  • Only Adult Homeowners will be allowed to join the FB page, not their children.


  • The public cannot find our FB page by conducting a Facebook search.


  • The FB page will be monitored throughout the day. The administrator will remove any comment, photo or video for not obeying the rules.


  • Only in rare cases will someone’s membership be revoked for not obeying the rules. The HOA board will be notified when someone is removed.

  • Annually, after the Directory is published, the FB members will be vetted for folks that may have moved from our neighborhood. 


  • The River Club Directory is posted on the FB page.   


NOTE: Facebook uses the term "Secret" for these types of pages. The administrator does not have the ability to change that term. 

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